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Training for War

Tow Target Squadron - Pope Field, Fort Bragg North Carolina
September 1941
Hymie Setzer is in the top row above the letter 'N' in Squadron

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Domenick Caraciola & Hymie Setzer
Ft. Bragg January 1943

Ft. Bragg

The complete December 1942 issue of FLAK, The newsletter of the 340th in Walterboro, SC.
(Cpl.Hymie Setzer is mentioned on page 2 in the 'Headquarters' column.)

The complete January 1943 issue of FLAK, The newsletter of the 340th in Walterboro, SC.
This was probably the last edition before they shipped out in February 1943.
(Hymie Setzer is mentioned on page 3 in the 'Headquarters' column.)


Special Orders 340th BG November 2, 1942

Dozens of soldiers are named in this document. It details promotions, demotions, transfers, etc.
The highlight for Hymie Setzer is his promotion to Corporal!


Special Orders 340th BG January 12, 1943

Hymie Setzer makes Sargeant!



Soon to appear on this page:

...More photos from Ft. Bragg, NC and Walterboro, SC.



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