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Web Links to more information about the 340th Bomber Group

History of the 340th Bombardment Group

The 340th Bomb Group & 487th Squadron

Map of Corsica & Location of The 340th Bombardment Group

The 57th Bomb Wing

Dominique Taddei's History of the 57th Bomb Wing on the Island of Corsica

Roger Juglair's book: "Raid on the Settimo Road Bridges"

Claudio Mischi's book: Rivalta, 4 April 1945: The Crash of "Ladies Delight"





Aircraft of the 340th Bomber Group

People of the 340th Bomber Group

Documents from the 340th Bomber Group

Korsika-From the German Viewpoint

Catch-22, Joseph Heller and the 340th Bomb Group

Training for War

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